Top 5 Medical SEO Companies In 2022

Top 5 Medical SEO Companies In 2023

Medical SEO Companies; The internet plays a critical role in our modern society today, where anything and everything can be found there. The good, the bad, and the ugly, but let’s focus on the good. Since the inception of search engine optimization, it is now very easy to find a needle in a haystack just by clicking on your keyword, and then voila!!

Every business is now online and if by now you haven’t gotten the effect of the bandwagon yet, then you are missing out. And the healthcare industry is not left out because, statistically, 7% of all Google searches are healthcare-related from potential patients. Healthcare SEO or medical SEO describes a search engine optimization service rendered to medical businesses like hospitals, clinics, and medical doctors, with the help of healthcare SEO people find healthcare businesses online.

 Healthcare SEO benefits doctors immensely and makes it easy for doctors to appear  on the front page of Google. When people search for a specific type of doctor, such as  “cardiothoracic hospitals in West Africa,” medical SEO can help a doctor or hospital appear in those searches.

It also helps hospitals customize an online marketing  strategy that meets the healthcare system’s specific needs and wants and tailor a  search engine optimization plan that suits their marketing goals. One vital  precautionary measure is to be cautious of services that give you pricing without first  analyzing your site and your SEO competitors on Google. There are many  healthcare SEO companies, but these are the top five companies on the market  now. 

Top 5 Healthcare/Medical SEO Companies-2023 

WEBFX Medical SEO Company

WebFX gets the job done. They work around clients’ vision and goals and provide  industry-leading customer service. WebFX clients score 394% higher than the  industry average in net promoter score (NPS), which is the leading metric for  customer satisfaction and evidently seen in their expert ability to help clients amass  3 billion dollars in revenue, 7.8 million leads, and 5.2 million client phone calls in the  last 5 years. These are undoubtedly the results WebFX has generated for its clients. 

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They help you promote your business and reach new clients. Again, whether you  want to spread information or offer your own holistic remedies, it is imperative to know  that relationship building is an advantage of partnering with WebFX because it helps you grow your brand online. By using social media and other popular social  networks to post your site content or industry issues to engage people and gain a  following. By doing this, you build relationships with people who want to know more  about your business. 


SmartSites is rated in the top 1% of digital marketing agencies. They blend  performance with exceptional customer service and provide certified pay-per-click  advertising for their clients. Their PPC specialists are irrefutably some of the best in  the industry with a track record for growing successful businesses. Furthermore, with  SmartSites, you elevate your business with a trusted results-driven website that your  customers will love and also represents your brand in the best possible way. Their  achievements speak for themselves, with over 700 successful websites launched by  the team since 2011, 510% increase in referral traffic, and doubled clients’ SEO  campaign traffic within 6 months by 200%. They have been mentioned by  Bloomberg, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Inc., etc. 


When patients turn to Google for healthcare information, they should find you. This is the goal of Sagapixel. With experience in digital marketing they provide healthcare  SEO services to hospitals, plastic surgeons, urgent care centers, in-home senior  care providers and other healthcare providers to get in front of patients on Google. On their website, they have a list of clients their agency has worked for and have  also made available a list of all the search engine traffic and ratings of the various  companies that have hired them as proof of what they are capable of doing for their  clients. This information can be accessed by anyone. 

Their success stories include excellent results, like creating a brand new plastic surgery website for a client that generated 40,000 monthly visitors within 10 months. Another gained 700% increase in traffic for plastic surgeons, and a client also gained  38,000 monthly visitors for telemedicine. 


SEOWorks believes that when the fundamentals of your SEO are weak, your  business will suffer in the long run. With health-related searches increasing by  around 20% year-on-year, it is clear that the online market for digital health services  is indispensable. They’ve effectively researched target markets and created effective  strategies for many of your health clients in both the consumer and business sectors. Now more than ever, your service needs to be visible digitally and accessible via  mobile because empowered patients are on the rise and they are hungry for health  information, products, and services to help them on their health journey.

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A  testimonial by a satisfied client indicates that the campaign on their site received  5,250,000 visits from organic searches per month. Two years later, that number  dramatically increased to 19,000,000 visits per month. The campaign was such a  success that it won the Best B2C Campaign at the Drum Search Awards. The SEO  company has managed to generate 1,066 new number-one rankings and 4,965 new  first-page rankings. 


Thrive is a recognized digital marketing agency that helps healthcare providers grow  their presence online and also achieve their business goals with customized  marketing solutions. This SEO company can increase your monthly leads by 122%  and your overall conversion rate by 80%. This makes it easy for people to find your  healthcare business on the search engines. A client partnered with Thrive to  generate more leads and the experts helped them scale up various aspects of  optimization, such as content development and review acquisition, to drive desired  results.

Through its comprehensive organic search strategy, the client was able to  add 557% to its monthly leads and gained 393 new positive reviews. They are also  capable of increasing clients’ new website users by more than 61.4% and with over  52% monthly traffic. The agency is committed to helping hospitals succeed in their  specific niche markets by providing targeted healthcare SEO services which include:

  • Franchise SEO  Thrive magnifies your online presence across locations and provides convenient healthcare services to your target patients. They establish your  unique brand identity, capture mobile users, clean up directory listings and  encourage customer reviews. They also leverage franchise SEO and extend  your healthcare services to those who need them the most. 

  • Keyword research and strategy, where statistics show that 77% of patients  search online before booking an appointment with a healthcare provider. As  such, Thrive healthcare SEO agency puts a premium on keyword research  and optimization, they perform competition analyses and leverage long-tail  geo-modified keywords to improve your search performance. 


They provide search engine marketing services for medical practices and if your  medical practice is not ranking at the top of Google, then your medical practice is  failing to leverage a nearly unlimited source of new patients.  

OuterBox has over 400 successful client relationships and over two million (2M+) first-page Google rankings delivered. They are of the view that, Google holds  websites in the medical industry to a much higher standard and so to rank well in  Google, your medical practice’s website must satiate Google’s increasingly  demanding algorithm to convey expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, and with  more than15 years of experience optimizing in the medical industry makes OuterBox a top Medical SEO services provider.  

Research by OuterBox shows that nearly 75% of patients leverage search engines  like Google to find a health practitioner, and nearly 90% of consumers are likely to  start with a search engine when investigating medical issues and looking for new  providers. Then again, the majority of searchers don’t look beyond the top three  results, and the average Google search session lasts just under one minute.

With  this information, it’s easy to see just how important being at the top of the rankings  can be. If you’re not one of the top three results, you’ll likely receive very little traffic  to your website due to the fact they are always a step ahead of their competitors.


A lot of people are searching for various medical-related terms, and others are  actively searching for a medical practitioner that offers specific services. With over  25 years of combined experience, Pearl Lemon is one of the top recommended  medical SEO agencies for hire. The team will take the time to get to know you, your  business and your unique needs to improve your rankings within the SERPs. Pearl Lemon guarantees clients doubled organic traffic in 180 days and is known for generating 119 inbound leads per month for clients. They have been featured on TEDX, Clutch, AppSumo, BBC, Forbes, etc. Their medical SEO services first focus on local SEO, which makes sure you will rank for all those juicy “near me” searches that will help convert you into new clients. 


LYFE marketing is a social media management company with a concentration on  increasing sales revenue and ROI. The agency is fully aware of the competition on the market, but they believe, together they can customize a personalized medical SEO plan just for your business.  

The agency’s dedicated SEO specialist keeps up with all of the latest updates to Google’s algorithm, making sure that your website is following the best practices and is constantly optimized for the highest rankings. 

They have a proven method that has helped to generate over $108,231,120 in client revenue, managed over 200 SEO campaigns and an Ad Partner certified Google Partner. Working with LYFE marketing means the effort they inject into growing their company is the same effort they administer into their clients’ businesses, so no one is left out of the success story. 


What makes SERP WIZARD medical SEO services different from the rest is how they navigate, by increasing regulations and complying with patient privacy  practices, and developing long-lasting relationships with patients and health  practitioners while positioning your brand in the marketplace. Their transparency of provides a real-time snapshot into your search engine optimization efforts so that  nothing is left up in the air. 

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By choosing SERP WIZARD, you become one of the numerous satisfied clients.  The agency is trusted by Google, Clutch,, Goodfirms and Software Suggest which proves you can rely on them to get the job done right. 

It can finally be agreed that ”medical SEO” can no longer be ignored or considered as a service that should be optional, but rather a vital aspect of your business unless you are at the absolute maximum for your clinic’s capacity, either than that you will need [medical SEO] to help you grow your clients. Choosing the right ”digital marketing agency” for your business is imperative for the future of your business.

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