On-Page SEO : An In Depth Guide 2022

What Is an On-Page SEO?

An On-page SEO (search engine optimization) is the practice of improving your site’s rankings and user experience by optimizing contents on their individual pages.
Off-site SEO, on the other hand, relates to optimizing for aspects outside of your site. Backlinks and social media mentions are examples of this.


Elements of On page SEO Includes

  • Title tags(H 1to H6) met tags
  • HTML code
  • internal Links
  • URL optimization
  • On-page content
  • Images
  • User experience (UX)

*Why Is On-Page SEO Important?

Google mostly updates its algorithm, improving its ability to understand both user search intent and overall user experience once a user lands on a page. That’s why it’s important to learn SEO and keep up with best practices.

Additionally, Google prioritizes user experience, so it’s key to consider on-page SEO practices in your overall strategy.

A well-optimized page also helps Google understand what the content is about, which helps it organize and rank your page. Essentially, you’re helping Google do its job better.

According to Google“the most basic signal that information is relevant is when content contains the same keywords as your search query.” 

However, there is a delicate line to be drawn. You don’t want to overuse keywords or skimp on the quality of your content. However, when ranking pages, Google still considers the fundamentals.


How many SEO keywords should I use per page?

keyword Per page? you should actively concentrate on one major keyword and two or three SEO keyword variations. Each of your pages should be centered on a specific topic and include the most relevant keywords for SEO. So, for on page content writing, it is advised to choose one to three keywords taking into account that, page changes are visible to readers.


On-page SEO Vs Off-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to SEO elements and approaches that are focused on optimizing aspects of your website that you have control over whiles Off-page SEO refers to search engine optimization variables and methods that are aimed at marketing your website or brand on the internet. such as the use of social media, radio, the media .etc..

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Final Thoughts On On page SEO & Off site SEO

Now that you have a better idea of on-page SEO signals, make sure you keep them in mind with every page you create. Using the On Page SEO Checker, you can also find plenty of on-page optimization ideas for potential quick wins. That being said, the most important part of any SEO strategy is patience. Great results take time, effort, and some trial and error to get right. 
To learn more practical tips, head to our free  post on what exactly is SEO and test your knowledge.

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