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Top 25 Digital Marketing Tools For 2022

Digital Marketing has become a very important tool for businesses and companies in all parts of the world. Marketing strategy entails quite a lot, but in a layman’s view, it can be termed as the promotion and marketing of brands and products to attract potential customers by means of digital communication tools and channels.

Some of the channels through which digital marketing can be used include email, online advertisement, social media, and online messages, among others.

As many businesses strive to improve their profitability, market outlook, and efficiency, there is the need to employ some digital marketing tools to create a conducive analysis of the performance of the businesses. Digital Marketing tools have been in existence for over a decade, but in the current dispensation, there have been diversities and improvements in these tools to perform large tasks and to provide information that will be used to analyze and improve the performance of the business.

Top 25 Digital Marketing Tools & Why You Need them in 2022.

There are a number of great digital marketing tools available to businesses of which each performs specific tasks. Below are some 25 best key digital marketing tools in 2022.

1. SEMRush Digital Marketing Tool

SEMrush is one of the top digital marketing tools that are important for the analysis of the ranking data and performance of a business. The SEMrush company has bagged several international awards as the best search engine optimization company.

SEMRush Digital Marketing Tool
SEMrush-Image Source:

SEMrush helps businesses to conduct keyword searches in order to improve their search engine optimization. ”SEMrush” also measures the backlinks and traffic generated by the business at a particular point in time.

2. Ahrefs Digital Marketing Tool.

Ahrefs is a digital marketing tool that provides information on all you need to know as a business in order to grow in terms of traffic volume and rank high on keywords. Ahrefs displays the performance of the business by tracking, auditing and optimizing the business or website.


Ahrefs-Image Source:

Ahrefs is able to generate the keywords people are mostly searching for on the internet and with that will inform the direction of the business.

3. Google Analytics Digital Marketing Tool

Google Analytics is a great and highly recommended digital marketing tool that analyses trends in a business or website. Google Analytics displays the number of customers that have accessed a particular platform at a given time and also provides the bounce rate, country traffic data, and traffic channel, among others.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics-Image Source: Agency Analytics

Google Analytics measures the return on investment of businesses and it is a great tool for the purpose of search engine optimization.

4. Deepcrawl Digital Marketing Tool

Deepcrawl is a digital marketing tool that specializes in the improvement of the digital health and search engine optimization of a business. Deepcrawl works by crawling the website or business to monitor the changes and analyze the trends of the business.

Deepcrawl Digital Marketing Tool

DeepCrawl-Image Source:

Deep-crawl audits the technical aspect of the website of the business and also protects the organic search revenue of the business.

5. OptinMonster Digital Marketing Tool

OptinMonster is a digital marketing tool that improves the performance of the business by increasing the conversation rate and also optimizing the posts. OptinMonster displays the statistical data of the business in terms of the number of campaigns, subscribers, visitors, and others.

OptnMonster-Image Source:

OptinMonster‘s greatest strength is in lead generation and it is also powerful in the growth of the email list of a business.

6. Sprout Social Digital Marketing Tool

Sprout Social is a digital marketing tool that is into social media management and the generation of data about the performance of the business. Sprout Social is equipped to spot and analyse trends in the business in order to generate the data for economic decision-making.

Sprout Social
Sprout Social-Image Source:

Sprout Social schedules contents and posts of businesses and publishes them at the required periods that will be beneficial to the business and set by the business owners.

7. Trello Digital Marketing Tool

Trello is a digital marketing tool that is used to schedule massive stuff, organize tasks, automate tedious tasks, and manage projects. Trello is tagged as an ultimate project management tool that makes teams work very effectively and improve the performance of the business or website.

Trello Digital Marketing Tool

Trello-Image Source:

Trello provides a to-do task array, a doing task array, a done array, and ready-for checking array to provide a simple structure for the management of tasks.

8. Canva

Canva is a tool that is used by digital marketers and graphic designers to create designs for print marketing, social media, presentation, posters, and multimedia images, among others. Canvas makes businesses attractive and draws more customers through visual attraction.

Canva-Image Source: Pinterest

Canva is the tool that unleashes the creativity of businesses as it contains a huge number of templates that can be edited to create a great design.

9. Yoast

Yoast is a search engine optimization tool that helps marketers and business people by improving the website optimization to improve the reach and performance of the business. Yoast helps businesses rank on search platforms to select their focus keywords and also choose their cornerstone content.

Yoast-Image Source:

Yoast provides tips on a regular basis that are useful for the improvement of the general quality of the website.

10. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a digital marketing tool that is very useful in social media marketing and management by means of scheduling, syndicating, and reviewing posts. Hootsuite as a tool is an alternate for a social media manager as it performs all the required tasks of social media marketing.

Hootsuite-Image Source:

Hootsuite displays the analytic data of the performance of the business as it tracks clicks, comments, and other engagements of the business.

11. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a digital marketing tool that improves the performance of a business by means of search engine optimization. Ubersuggest tracks the performance of posts and the general website of the business by means of an analytical and statistical view of the performance of the business.

Ubersuggest-Image Source:

Ubersuggest displays the organic keyword number, SEO ranking, organic monthly traffic, backlink number, and domain authority, among others.

12. VWO

VWO is a digital marketing tool that is known fully as the Visual Web Optimizer. VWO works by means of conversion rate optimization which makes the measurement of the click by customers, page scrolling by website users, and also measures the time spent by the customers on the website.

VWO-Image Source:

VWO increases the conversion rate of the website and also creates several versions of the landing pages of the website.

13. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a digital marketing tool that is into search engine optimization and crawling of websites. Screaming Frog improves the onsite search engine optimization and also audits the website to detect some basic issues associated with search engine optimization.

Screaming Frog-Image Source:

Screaming Frog is able to detect duplicate content, generate sitemaps, find broken links, analyse page titles and also analyse metadata.

14. Google Search Console 

Google Search Console is a digital marketing tool that provides data for the measurement of search traffic and the general performance of the website. Google Search Console checks the indexing status of the website and also detects some crawling status of the website.

Google Search Console-Image Source:

Google Search Console aids in the search engine optimization of the website and it helps in the understanding of how Google sees websites.

15. Majestic Backlink History Checker

Majestic Backlink History Checker is a digital marketing tool that analyses the strength of pages of websites by means of crawling the website to obtain the backlink information. Majestic Backlink History Checker displays the citation flow, trust flow, visibility flow, and flow metric score, among others.

Majestic Backlink History Checker-Image Source:

Majestic Backlink History Checker helps in search engine optimization and also checks the metrics of websites.

16. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a cloud-based digital marketing tool that is into backlink analysis and social media listening. Buzzsumo improves the performance of a website by identifying the best content and engagements that have received massive patronage.

Buzzsumo-Image Source:

Buzzsumo also helps in the searching of keywords, searching viral stories, improving competitiveness and also monitoring the important features of a brand or business.

17. Social Mention

Social Mention is a digital marketing tool that is a social listening web application and a social media search engine that enables businesses to monitor and listen to the requests of their audience by means of monitoring comments and other information.

Social Mention-Image Source:

Social Mention also measures the number of times the businesses or the business links have been mentioned on social media platforms.

18. WordPress

WordPress is a digital marketing platform that is known to be one of the greatest content management systems in the world. WordPress provides the platform for businesses to write posts, and stories among other content by means of a blog-publishing platform.

WordPress-Image Source:

WordPress provides a medium for the design of websites and contains several plug-ins that improve the analyses of the progress of the business or website.

19. Episerver (Optimizely)

Episerver is a digital marketing, digital commerce, and web content management tool that helps businesses and website owners to create website content. Episerver unlocks the digital potential of businesses and also creates content that is suitable for people who patronise the business or website.

Episerver-Image Source:

Episerver has come to solve the problems associated with branding and marketing as it is user-friendly and does not need any coding skills.

20. GetResponse

GetResponse is a digital marketing tool that is a specialised email marketing platform that improves the customer relationship of businesses and also grows the users of the business in order to improve upon the online sales and financial gains of the business.

GetResponse-Image Source:

GetResponse is one of the powerful digital marketing tools that is used to send emails and also automate marketing.

21. PageSpeed Insights

As the name suggests, PageSpeed Insights is one of the important digital marketing tools that improve the speed of websites. The impact of PageSpeed Insights is felt on computers, mobile phones, and all other devices that have the ability to access the internet.

PageSpeed Insights-Image Source:

PageSpeed Insights also provide reports on the performance of a page of a website and also makes provision of some suggestions that can be effected to improve the business.

22. Robot alp

Robot alp is one of the multipurpose digital marketing tools that effectively manages websites and networks and in addition it checks the speed of the website. Robot alp reduces the risk of losing customers which will thereby reduce the risk of losing money and brand influence.

Robot alp-Image Source:

Robot alp is very important in keyword monitoring, web monitoring, port monitoring, application programming interface monitoring, and domain name system monitoring.

23. BiQ Keyword Intelligence

BiQ Keyword Intelligence is a digital marketing platform that has tools that provide keywords for posts that drives a huge amount of traffic to websites. BiQ Keyword Intelligence improves the reach of the business or website and also improves the keyword ranking of businesses.

BiQ Keyword Intelligence-Image Source:

BiQ Keyword Intelligence identifies the real-time search engine optimization values for specific keywords and also provides related keywords.

24. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is a digital marketing tool that is known to be the most advanced Twitter hashtag tracking tool that helps businesses gain access to trending issues on Twitter. Hashtagify improves customer engagement and also monitors the performance of a business.

Hashtagify-Image Source:

Hashtagify drives up engagement, provides suggestions about future posts, tracks hashtags, and also monitors the posts of the competitors.

25. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is one of the best intelligence acceleration, digital marketing tools that analyses websites, comments, engagement, videos, and posts, among others. Talkwalker improves the performance of the business by means of the information it provides through its analysis.

Talkwalker-Image Source:

Talkwalker is a brand manager and it monitors conversations and information associated with the brand of the business or firm.

Think we left a tool off the list? Have a suggestion for a new tool?

We know marketing moves quickly. Help us keep this list current by leaving a comment if you discover a tool that you think should be on this list!




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