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Best 20 Digital Marketing Reporting Tools

The world we live in has transformed massively and at regular intervals, the world experiences a series of changes. As we grow in the world of technology, digital marketing is one of the greatest assets and tools that will go a long way to impact many lives.


Digital Marketing Reporting Tools are very useful tools that ensure the survival of businesses and day-in-day-out, a number of digital marketing reporting tools are being created to boost the technological world.

There are a number of questions that are raised with regards to digital marketing stuff and some of the questions are as follows:

How can I start digital marketing?, What skills do I need for digital marketing? Is digital marketing easy to learn? What type of job is digital marketing? Can I do digital marketing from home? and other questions.

These questions reveal the great interest that people have had in relation to digital marketing and hence, there is a need for people to know and understand some basic tools in digital marketing.



By definition, digital marketing is the act of promoting brands to attract and connect with potential customers using digital communication channels and the internet at large. Digital marketing involves the advertisement through social media, e-mail, and other means. Businesspeople and marketers need tools that will enable them to automate tasks and ensure efficiency in the works.


Digital marketing comes in various forms and some of them include search engine optimisation, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and others.

Here Are The Best 20 Digital Marketing Reporting Tools

Marketing reporting is the process of measuring performance and progress by means of gathering information for economic decision-making. A marketing report is very instrumental in the development of a business as it accesses the marketing strategy of the business by means of showing the results of the overall performance of the business.


A digital marketing reporting tool creates a great atmosphere by simplifying mass data into simple and graphical representations of the performance of the firms. Below are the best 20 digital marketing reporting tools that are very useful in our modern-day technological lives:

1. Google Analytics-The Most Popular Tool For Tracking Website Traffic & Performance


Google Analytics is one of the best web analytics services that tracks keywords and gathers and analyses data to provide a trend for easy understanding. Google Analytics is even effective for providing daily reports through automated emails to business people in order to business people to make economic decisions that will better the business.


Google Analytics-Image Source: Infoghmedia.

Google Analytics makes available the traffic sources data, the page performances, the bounce rate, and others.


2. Kissmetrics Digital Marketing Reporting tool


Kissmetrics is a marketing analytics reporting tool that reports on the traffic data, page views, page visitors, bounce rates, and time-on-site, as well as helps to accelerate the growth of the business. Kissmetrics works on a personal basis and it places more emphasis on and understanding of metrics that boost the online businesses of people for the best decision to be taken for the betterment of the business.

Kissmetrics-Image Source:

Kissmetrics tracks effective marketing routes and it is effective in aiding marketers to improve the customer retention rate and landing page conversion rate.


3. HubSpot Digital Marketing Reporting Tool

HubSpot is a marketing sales and services platform that provides web tools for helping marketers in their social media marketing, search engine optimization, customer relationship management, and also in the analysis of web data. HubSpot helps in the effective marketing campaign and it reports the website traffic analysis and data which are vital for economic decision making.

HubSpot-Image Source:

HubSpot equips marketers with efficient market management and provides a fast-moving product roadmap that can be followed to improve the performance of the business.


4. Sprout Social Reporting Tool

Sprout Social is a digital marketing reporting tool that equips businesses with information and reports that are associated with the performance of the business. Sprout Social is effective in social media management and branding which improves the market outlook of the business.

Sprout Social-Image Source:

Sprout Social provides a suitable medium for the engagement of audiences and web-page visitors which positively improves the business. Sprout Social helps companies to schedule their content and publish at the required periods.


5. Deepcrawl

Deepcrawl is a search engine optimization tool that analyses the data that is required to improve the performance and attraction of a website or business. Deepcrawl aids business websites and other types of websites in the ranking index to attract more traffic and boost the general performance of the website.

Deepcrawl-Image Source:

Deepcrawl crawls websites, prevents traffic-sapping errors, detects and monitors some changes that occur, and also spots trends in the analysed data to provide information for the marketers to improve upon.


6. Audiense

Audiense is a digital business tool that works by identifying insights and audiences and also generating strategies to improve businesses for marketers. Audiense makes use of some basic tools to spot trends from the data of the audience and also also to create reports for a general overview of the performance of the business.

Audiense-Image Source:

Audiense builds an audience, improves engagement, optimizes the targeting of advertising campaigns, creates the relevant ads for the targeted audience, and also grows businesses.


7. Unbounce

Unbounce is a digital marketing tool and landing page builder which is very instrumental in the growth of businesses by means of improving conversion rates and also to drive traffic. Unbounce reports data and it helps businesses by providing high-performing marketing campaigns for the targeted audience through email marketing, social media marketing, and general advertisement.

Unbounce-Image Source:

Unbounce is easy to operate as it provides templates and drag-and-drop options to create a conducive platform for the targeted audience.


8. Ahrefs Digital Marketing Reporting Tool

Ahrefs is a digital marketing reporting platform that is into search engine optimization, website auditing, keyword analysis, and content exploration. Ahrefs is able to track the performance of business websites and produce graphs and sketches that improve the visualization of the performance of the business.

Ahrefs-Image Source:

Ahrefs audits websites and reports the health score of the website, crawled URLs, and internal pages, among others. Ahrefs detects the issues of the business and also suggests some recommendations that can remedy the issues in order to grow and improve the performance of the business.

9. SEMrush Marketing Tool

SEMrush is a digital marketing tool and search engine marketing company that analyses the search volume and the market outlook of websites and also audits the page. SEMrush helps in analysing the ranking of websites and it is also vital in keyword search which is one of the key tools in digital marketing.

SEMrush-Image Source:

SEMrush provides some necessary tools that help marketers to compete with their competitors for traffic and visitors by improving the online visibility of businesses and discovering marketing insights of businesses.

10. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a marketing platform that discloses the statistics of a business and improves the performance of businesses. OptinMonster increases the conversion rates of businesses and it optimizes pages and posts on websites of businesses.

OptinMonster-Image Source:

OptinMonster has the ability to improve upon the customer relationship on websites in order to prevent customers from not returning to the website. OptinMonster grows email lists and helps visitors subscribe to websites and businesses using simple popups in order for them to receive vital posts when they are published.


SendGrid is a digital marketing platform that is specialized in customer communication and email marketing and has the required tools to report web analytics. SendGrid allows the sending of emails even with the means of having to maintain email servers and also monitors whitelist services in addition to checking the technical information that is needed for the improvement of the business.

Sendgrid-Image Source:

SendGrid helps to improve the subscriber base of the business and goes a long way to grow the business through means of providing notifications, requests, and newsletters, among others. SendGrid reports total impressions, total clicks, and total click-through rate amongst others.


12. Lemlist

lemlist is a digital marketing platform designed for the transfer of cold emails to a targeted audience and subscribers. lemlist streamlines the activities of a business as it is able to track the tracking domains for your email campaigns by some basic customizations. 

Lemlist-Image Source:

lemlist maximized the deliverability of emails that will generate legitimate replies and it reports indications as to whether the emails have been seen or read by the targeted audience. lemlist reports on where the emails have landed and it simplifies things by statistically graphing the data.

13. Geckoboard

Geckoboard is a digital marketing reporting medium that provides data about the performance and reach of businesses. Geckoboard makes available the data about the customer growth on either a monthly basis or other basis and it also reports on the financial side of the business. 

Geckoboard-Image Source:

Geckoboard aids in the gathering of data from various sources and makes these data easily accessible and understandable to marketers for economic decision-making. Geckoboard represents some data in the form of a spreadsheet and it can be tuned to focus on the metrics that are key to the growth of the business.

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14. Databox

Databox is a digital business analytics tool and reporting platform that provides information to marketers and business people for the improvement of businesses. Databox generates reports that show what is going on with business in order for marketers to take decision-making and for the progress of the firm.

Databox-Image Source:

Databox tracks a wide number of metrics from the web and compiles the data to obtain a complete visualization of the performance of the business or the website. Databox displays insights in real-time and displays automated alerts about trending information.

15. Report Garden

Report Garden is a digital marketing management and digital marketing reporting tool that makes available a report of the marketing data of a business or website. Report Garden can be useful in tracking the search engine optimizations for a firm and also audits the website in order to check the performance of the website.

Report Garden-Image Source:

Report Garden has tools that make firms focus on reaching their goals and it also aids advertisement companies to create performance reports for their customers.

16. DashThis

DashThis is a digital marketing tool that provides data about the performance of the business or website by displaying a graphical representation of the impressions, sessions, cost per click, and others. DashThis has tools that produce simple and good-looking reports about the features that are vital for the proper performance of the firm.

DashThis-Image Source:

DashThis provides a wide range of reporting such as search engine optimization reporting and it also streamlines the report for easy understanding. 

17. Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is one of the top digital marketing reporting tools that are able to efficiently convert data into reports by means of analysing them in graphs and sketches. Google Data Studio enhances the better performance of businesses by analysing and displaying marketing results which are used for economic decision-making.

Google Data Studio-Image Source:

Google Data Studio is one of the online advertising and analytics platform tools that form the Google Marketing Platform. Google Data Studio synchronize several data sources into a common platform.

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18. Octoboard

Octoboard is a digital marketing reporting tool that monitors trends of data and makes available real-time information to access the performance of the business. Octoboard provides search engine optimization analysis, web analysis, and auditing of businesses or websites. 

Octoboard-Image Source:

Octoboard is a good reporting tool for growing brands and startups that require the examination of trends in data for the improvement of the business. Octoboard is cloud-based and it is an important tool when it comes to customer retention.

19. ActiveDemand

ActiveDemand is a marketing analytics reporting tool that is suitable to use by small-scale and medium-scale businesses. ActiveDemand aids businesses to measure their performance and even increases the efficiency and market outlook of the business by spelling out things that have gone wrong and need to be corrected.

ActiveDemand-Image Source:

ActiveDemand creates the best pathway for businesses to know where they drive much traffic and also indicates where less traffic is gained. ActiveDemand produces data that can be used to make informed decisions that will improve the performance of the business.

20. Segmetrics

Segmetrics is a powerful digital marketing reporting platform that measures and analyses the performance of a business or market. Segmetrics optimizes the business and makes it very appealing and attractive to potential customers.

Segmetrics-Image Source:

Segmetrics is a great tool for measuring the accuracy of the revenue generated and leads, among others by obtaining the true value of their leads. 

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