Best 11 Real Estate Companies In Ghana

Best 11 Real Estate Companies In Ghana

”Real estate companies in Ghana”, ”Real estate companies” startups are not for the weak of heart. What other industries make you cold contact dozens of leads every day with the chance to win six deals (at best) in your first year?

Research suggests that three out of four real estate brokers face failure within their initial five years in the industry. However, for those equipped with the essential skills, launching your own ”real estate company” presents a promising path towards achieving the coveted seven-figure career aspirations.

”Real estate” has been frequently a new agent’s second is frequently a new agent’s second, third, or even fourth career. While generating more cash than they did at their previous work, you loved the idea of “being your own boss.” However, freedom means something quite different to an employer and a business owner.

Investing in real estate from well-known developers or organizations is a big deal. But why is it so important? There are a few reasons, like the large amount of money involved, the complicated real estate market, and the need for special skills to spend money wisely.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about real estate and how to invest in it. But our main focus is helping you choose the top 11 real estate companies and developers in Ghana. First, let’s understand what real estate is, and then we’ll look at some of the best companies in Ghana.

What Exactly Is Real Estate?

From ””- Real estate is private property in the form of buildings and land. Real estate can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, and includes any resources on the land such as water or minerals. The Ghanaian real estate market has been expanding rather steadily over the previous twenty years, and it has recently experienced even more growth as more developers have entered the market. Despite its good intentions, this tendency has raised some concerns among practitioners and consumers. Some of the issues are the standardization of practice by an organization like the ”Ghana Real Estate Developers Association and the regulation of members” (GREDA).

Clients now find themselves in a precarious position where they must choose which of the numerous real estate developers is professional and customer-focused enough for them to feel confident that their money will be well spent on their real estate investment. It is for this reason that we have created this blog to assist you in sorting through your alternatives for the best ”Real estate companies in Ghana”.

Real estate developers are experts who acquire land, prepare it for growth, supervise construction, and drive the marketing and sale of properties since it is impossible to handle real estate developments without professionals. But each business needs the assistance of ”digital marketers” in order to succeed in the real estate market.

Why Should I Purchase Property From a Reputable ”Real Estate developer” ?

1. Quality of build
If you have ever attempted to handle your own real estate development, or have assigned it to someone you trust, you would easily attest to the disappointment that you face. The attitude of artisans, frequent land disputes not to talk about getting the right quality of material needed in a building at a very cost-effective price is the very reason why you need to engage the services of a trusted real estate developer to calm your nerves and put your mind at peace. A professional real estate developer is always minded to ensure that their houses are of the highest quality so as to maintain the trust of their customers.

2. Brand Reputation
They have a brand to protect. Established developers will not take the risk of providing a sub-standard product that will later on bring it more bad press than good. In fact, one of the biggest assets any real estate developer has, is its brand reputation. Most real estate developers have built their reputation over a period of time. They are therefore keen on ensuring that they provide the best of service to make their customers satisfied. For the customer who intends to sell his property in the future, securing a property from a recognized brand is critical to the value of any future price of the property.

3. Easy access to Mortgage/Home-loans
For mortgage providers, it is easier to approve home loans for clients who seek to acquire mortgages for properties from trusted developers. Providers are well aware of the reputation of trusted developers and how individuals are keen on investing in properties. Purchasing real estate from a trusted developer gives the mortgage providers the confidence that they can easily recoup their loan based on the value of the investment.

Source -Devtraco Plus Limited

The order of these ”real estate companies /developers in Ghana-2022” firms in Ghana is not necessarily indicative of their quality; rather, their inclusion on this list is the result of desk research that took into account factors such as professionalism, scale and size of developments, product innovation, industry awards, and prior experience in the field.

List Of Registered Real Estate Companies In Ghana

  1. Adom City Estate
  2. Regimanuel Gray Limited
  3. Devtraco Plus Limited
  4. Clifton Homes
  5. Denya Properties Limited
  6. Trasacco Estate Development
  7. CapeMay Properties
  8. Whitewall Properties Limited
  9. DP Group
  10. Imperial Homes
  11. Goldkey Properties

1. Adom City Real Estate Company-Ghana

The Adam City Estate is a Real Estate Development Company, which develops housing for sale to the public. We aim at providing quality and affordable housing for middle-income earners.

As a company, we have a keen interest in meeting to some extent, the current housing deficit in Ghana. We also believe that everyone deserves to own a home, hence our commitment to providing quality and affordable housing to every Ghanaian citizen who is interested in and committed to acquiring a house(s).

In pursuit of this vision, the company has forged strategic partnerships with reputable institutions to cater to its employees’ housing needs. The execution plan involves connecting these organizations with our reliable mortgage partners and, in certain instances, offering tailored in-house mortgage solutions following an initial lump-sum payment.

Thanks to this endeavor, ACE has successfully constructed and sold homes to employees from various establishments, including Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), OMNI BANK, HFC Bank, ECOBANK, GRIDCO, BANK OF GHANA, and other public sector personnel.

The Company has seven directors who are solely responsible for managing the company’s operations and has been registered with the Registrar General Department. This impartial board is made up of accomplished Ghanaians who have excelled in their fields for many years, some for over twenty.

Mission And Vision- Adom City Estate

To be a leader in the provision of quality and affordable housing facilities to our clients through a dedicated and skillful workforce aimed at maximizing shareholder value.


To be the model for the provision of quality and affordable houses in Africa and Beyond


2. Regimanuel Gray Limited

Regimanuel Gray Limited was incorporated in 1991 with the development of housing estates as its core business. However, over the years, the company has acquired a great deal of expertise in the execution of turnkey projects and various aspects of site development including road construction, drainage and water and electrical distribution network installations.

Regimanuel Gray Limited represents an outstanding example of a successful private sector joint-venture in Ghana. It is a creature of a strategic partnership originally between Regimanuel Ltd, a Ghanaian company and Gray Incorporated of Texas, US. In 2008, The Aureos Africa Fund, a regional venture capital institution replaced Gray Incorporated as Regimanuel Ltd’s partner in Regimanuel Gray Limited. In July 2019, Aureus Africa Fund became Neoma Africa Fund L.L.C, a private limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius.

Mission and Vision- Regimanuel Gray Limited

To progressively expand internationally in the housing and construction industry, replicating what we stand for wherever we go.


To be the benchmark for distinction in the housing and construction industry in Ghana, using a highly developed workforce to deliver products and services of matchless quality guaranteed to satisfy our customers whilst providing them with the best possible value for their investment.


3. Devtraco Plus Limited

Devtraco Plus is an industry-leading real estate developer that has successfully created a unique niche for its exclusive premium quality housing units in prime areas of Accra, Ghana. Carved out of the well-known echelons of the Devtraco brand, our company promises nothing but excellence in delivery and service. All our developments possess a signature style and character, expertly designed to effectively function with modern finishings, and built with materials that reflect our commitment to quality.

On offer are suites, studios, 1-2-3 bedroom apartments, and 5 bedroom townhouses for sale and rent in Accra, Ghana.

4. Clifton Homes

Clifton Homes is one of Ghana’s most trusted real estate developers known for its stylish and quality homes situated in prime locations in Accra at competitive prices. Real estate developers have great payment plans that make the investment even more affordable.

The team of developers at ”Clifton Homes” gives attention to details, whether this is in relation to client communications, managing construction costs, or interior fittings and finishing.

A track record of sell-out developments, industry-leading asset growth and rental yields, and a remarkable track record of returning customers and referrals are all results of their exceptional client engagement.

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