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As the leading ”technical SEO agency in Ghana”, we specialize in optimizing websites for maximum search engine visibility and performance. Our team of seasoned experts utilizes advanced techniques to address critical technical issues hindering your online presence, from site speed optimization and mobile-friendliness to crawlability and indexing.

we leave no stone unturned. Trust our comprehensive technical SEO services to propel your website to the top of search engine rankings, driving increased organic traffic and revenue growth

Focus Agency Ghana has quickly earned the reputation as a top expert in ”technical SEO” within Ghana. While other agencies typically only focus on content creation, Focus Agency takes an all-stack approach to ensure your site’s backend and infrastructure are optimized for search engine indexing and crawling.

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Our team boasts more than 5.5 years of experience not only with SEO strategies but also core web technologies like website architecture, server configuration, website speed, mobile responsiveness and structured data markup schema. They stay abreast of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms and guidelines

We begin every new client partnership with a comprehensive technical audit identifying opportunities to enhance site security, increase indexation, implement semantic markup, optimize page speed, and strengthen internal linking. This sets a strategic roadmap for technically optimizing the site tailored to the client’s specific business goals and targets.

Our agency stresses the importance of Core Web Vitals like page load speed, responsiveness, and visual stability for ranking well and providing users with a frictionless browsing experience. Their developers are experts at optimizing sites to excel on these key metrics.

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Our Agency also specializes in voice search optimization, enhancing your discoverability on smart speakers and digital assistants. With voice queries on the rise, they ensure your content adheres to spoken syntax and target featured snippets opportunities.

Our Technical SEO services|Ghana

At Focus Agency Ghana, our technical SEO experts carefully evaluate your current platform’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a strategic optimization plan tailored to your website’s specific needs. We prioritize fixing the technical issues that are most critically limiting your organic visibility and ranking potential.

Whether it’s site speed, broken links, indexing errors, poor mobile optimization, or any other technical factors negatively impacting performance, our consultants will outline solutions to resolve them efficiently. We focus on changes that will directly lead to measurable improvements in your search engine visibility, traffic and ROI.

Our technical audits reveal the optimization opportunities that will have the biggest positive impact for your business. We enact those technical fixes first, so you begin seeing tangible results right away.

With our seasoned team optimizing your site’s infrastructure and architecture for search engines, Focus Agency Ghana can help your website finally achieve its full potential for driving leads and sales. Our technical SEO approach delivers real-world returns on your investment.

Our Approach to Technical SEO

At Focus Agency Ghana, we thoroughly examine your website to reveal opportunities for optimizing technical SEO and user experience. Our initial comprehensive audit identifies both the strengths of your current platform as well as any issues that may be limiting your visibility and search ranking potential.

Whether you operate an ecommerce site with intricate faceted search and URLs, or a lead generation platform requiring seamless user flows, our experts will uncover ways to streamline site architecture and infrastructure for peak performance. We dig into the backend technical elements that search engines rely on, ensuring your site follows the latest webmaster best practices.

From site speed and mobile optimization to improved on-page content and efficient indexing, our audit maps out a tailored technical SEO strategy. We not only find the problems but also provide actionable solutions to resolve them.

With our expertise optimizing complex sites, Focus Agency Ghana can help your platform achieve its full potential for organic visibility and conversions. Our priority is setting you up for long-term technical SEO success.


 What technical aspects of my site will you optimize?

 Key aspects we focus on include site architecture, internal linking structure, page speed, mobile optimization, semantic markup implementation, server configuration, security, URL optimization, and more.

How to choose the right technical SEO agency?

Searching for a qualified technical SEO agency? Their expertise optimizing site architecture, indexing, page speed and infrastructure factors can maximize your website’s search visibility.

Prioritize agencies with proven success improving organic rankings and traffic through custom audits and strategies. Look for comprehensive technical services like mobile optimization, links building and content optimization too.

Regular reporting tracks progress on core web vitals and other technical KPIs. Up-to-date knowledge of Google’s algorithms is a must. Taking time to thoroughly vet each agency will help find the best strategic partner to elevate your search presence through optimized technical SEO.

How much do our technical SEO company’s services cost?

Our technical SEO services are priced based on the size and complexity of each website we optimize. We offer customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.

For an accurate cost estimate, we would first need to conduct a comprehensive audit of your current website’s architecture, infrastructure, speed, mobile responsiveness, indexing status and other key technical components. This allows us to identify the specific areas needing optimization and the amount of work involved.

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Our technical SEO packages typically range from $250.00 per month for smaller websites and up to $1,500 per month for complex enterprise-level sites. This includes not just the initial optimization but also ongoing monitoring, maintenance and reporting.

Please reach out for a free consultation. We are happy to provide a detailed quote outlining the scope of work and projected costs for optimizing your particular website. Our goal is making technical SEO accessible for companies of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about our flexible pricing.

Do you follow Google’s webmaster guidelines?  

 Absolutely. We are fully up-to-date on Google’s recommendations and algorithmic changes to avoid techniques that might trigger penalties or downranking.

How can technical SEO help my site get more organic traffic?

Optimizing technical elements directly impacts how search engines crawl, index, and rank your site. This leads to higher visibility for relevant queries.

How long will it take to see results?

You should expect to see some ranking improvements within 2-4 months as we optimize and overhaul your technical SEO. We will provide monthly analytics reports to track progress.

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What is your experience level with technical SEO?

Our leadership team has over 4.5+ years of hands-on experience optimizing complex sites. We stay on top of the latest best practices and have a proven track record.

Get in touch with Focus Agency Ghana today to learn more about revamping your website’s technical SEO and boosting your online visibility. Their expertise and dedication delivers results you can count on.